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Not much has changed with Channel Counters in recent years. Most of the competitive machines work in a similar manner with only subtle differences between them. The engineers at CapPlus decided to re-think the Channel Counting Process to improve efficiencies and increase speeds. The changes they came up with are simple but the improvements were dramatic.

To increase output and conserve valuable floor space, we turned the counter head 90 degrees so it runs parallel to the packaging conveyor. The channels have been raised and a wide conveyor belt is installed underneath. These physical changes allow for multiple lanes of bottles to be staged and filled simultaneously. A unique bottle feeding system at the rear of the machine has been incorporated. It ensures that all of the bottle lanes remain full of empty bottles. The RC150.30.6 machine pictured above is capable of processing up to 250 bottles per minute. Customers can order machines with various numbers of channels and product drop funnels to suit their production needs. We have branded this range of innovative machines, Rapid™ Channel Counters.

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