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M5/M6 Entry Level Neck Bander

The CPT series of banding & sleeving machines offer several models to meet various production volume needs for heat shrinkable tamper evident band applications.
Process sleeve sizes ranging from 25mm to 150mm.
Fully automatic
Up to 350 containers per minute
Neck and Full Body Shrink Sleeves Machine Options

The perfect choice for entry level users. Simplicity of design, user friendly interface and ease of use make it easy for line personnel to understand and operate.

Speeds up to 100 units per minute

M5 series size range from 25 mm to 90 mm LF

M6 series size range from 25 mm to 122 mm LF

Band lengths 1 to 3 inches

Five minute change over

Bottle handling spacing wheel

Stainless steel construction

Easy wash down
Small size, very compact


  • Heat shrink tunnels
  • Heat tunnel lifts
  • Conveyors
  • Vertical perforation
  • Horizontal perforation
  • Photo registration

Please contact us for more information to see which banding & sleaving machine would work best for you.

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