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Neck Bander NB-1

Deitz NB-1 tamper-evident neck banders work day and night all over the world applying plastic shrink bands and sleeve labels on bottles, vials, jars, tins, cans and other round and tapered containers. In food, beverage, cosmetic, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and other packaging lines around the world, our Deitz NB-1 neck bander just runs and keeps running with little to no maintenance. It’s been called the most reliable part of the packaging process and the easiest to use of any neck banding machine available.

Our latest, automated, tamper-evident neck banding machine delivers on our reputation for reliability and ease of use and adds extra versatility to the package with an extra-wide lay-flat range.


  • Suits banding materials from 25 mm – 123 mm in width and up to 10 inches in length
  • Fits bottle caps from 14 mm – 76 mm in diameter
  • Works with all heat-shrinkable, tamper-evident banding materials
  • Works with partial and full-body sleeve labels
  • Ideal scenario for contract packagers

Our tamper-evident shrink band applicator automatically applies bands at full speed “on the fly” without slowing down or stopping each bottle, as other machines have to do. Doing this with our level of accuracy and repeatability takes some precision engineering and we’re proud to show it off in live action video – or come by our plant and see it in person. Our neck bander design includes a built-in bottle spacing wheel with speed control to create exactly the right amount of space in between each bottle, set the exact rate of entry into the banding mechanism, and ensure each bottle exits at a steady rate with uniform spacing.

Please contact us for more information to see which banding & sleaving machine would work best for you.

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