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BlisterPak 80 Standard Blister Packing System

Basic Machine capable of both Alu/Alu or PVC/AU with the following:

  • Single Lane Production System
  • PLC with Touch Screen Controls
  • PVC & Foil Film Feeding Station
  • Film Preheat Station with Teflon Coated Aluminum Plates
  • Forming Station with Anodized Aluminum Forming Plate
  • Optional Brush Box Product Feed Station
  • Sealing Station with Anodized Aluminum Net Type Sealing Plate
  • Ejection Chute
  • Trimming Station with Stainless Steel Chute
  • One Complete Set of Change Parts
  • Compact Design Requires Minimal Space
  • Aluminum Frame Construction
  • No Tools Required for Format Change Overs
  • Alarm System
  • Power: 230v/1ph/60hz / CE Approve Electrical
  • Tool Box

Additional Information

CPT BlisterPak 80
Additional Change Part Set for Alu/PVC, Additional Change Part Set for Alu/Alu, Universal Brush Box Feeding Station, Acrylic Safety Guards with Interlocks, Portable Cart for Blister Machine, Spare Parts Package for Two Years, Cutting Station Bearings, Upper & Lower Heating Plates, Thermocouple, Embossing Digits Machined into Sealing Station, Foil Film Registration System with Positioning Drive (This option is used for preprinted foil film to locate print on back of each card)