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GoPacker 3000

The GP3000 is a Compact Vertical form fill and seal pouch machines is used for packing pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products, vitamins, multivitamins, candy, teas, spices, desiccants, liquids, lotions, creams, powders, dental and medical products and various types of hardware requiring 4 sided seals. The GP3000 pouch packing machine is capable of forming a pouch with preprinted flexible materials on one side or with preprinted flexible materials for two sides (back and front 2 side registration). The GP3000 vertical form fill and seal bagger is an intermittent type pouch packing machine that can be integrated with tablet feeders, powder fillers, liquid fillers and many other types of feeding machines. Its compact design allows customers to install multiple machines in a small room.

Additional Information

Customized sealing dies can form packages and pouches from a multitude of flexible pouch materials.
Package Size
Standard package width is 4" W by 5" L. Minimum bag size is 1" W by 2" L.
Mechanical and Electrical Specifications
Machine Frame is manufactured from 304 Stainless Steel. The tooling plates are machined from T6061 plate stock then black anodized. The machine can be used in a Class 100 type environment. Many of the GP3000 components are off the shelf purchased items. Safety doors are made from high scratch resistant Plexiglas material. The Plexiglas doors have CAT 3 safety interlock switches for operator protection. A program logic controller PLC with an operator interface key pad controls the GP3000 functions. A digital temperature controller provides accurate temperature profiles.
Power Requirements
120VAC\60hz\15A single phase
Pneumatics Requirements
80 psi @ 4 C.F.M.
38" H x 24. W x 24" D
Net Weight
300 lbs.