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M80 Gummy Production Equipment

2022 New M80 Automatic Gummy Production Line with all 316 stainless steel or FDA approved contact surfaces complete with Teflon coated “Quick Release” tooling, automatic gravity feed mold lubrication system, cooling tunnel, FDA approved exit belt, servo drives for both depositing and mold chain for precise positioning. Kitchen is suitable for pectin gummies from 50kg to 200kg batches. Rated at up to 80kg per hour or 30,000 gummies per hour. 

Kitchen includes the following: 200 Liter Pectin Warming Tank with variable speed mixing & high shear homogenizer, 200 Liter Pectin Dissolving Tank with variable speed mixing & high shear homogenizer. 200 Liter Storage Tank with variable speed mixing. Heating recirculation system. 3 x Heated transfer pumps. All heated plumbing between tanks and depositor. Recirculation pipes between depositor and kitchen tanks for ease of cleaning.300 drying trays and 8 drying tray carts.

Exit lifting conveyor.*

Additional Information

Inventory #
Production Capacity
Electric Power Needed
Chiller (option)
Compressed Air Consumption
0.5m3 / min
Compressed Air Pressure
0.4-0.6 Mpa
Room Temperature (oC) For Cooling System
Humidity (%) For Cooling System
Length of the Whole Line (m)
Gross Weight (Kg)
Approx. 5000