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RC90.18.2G2 – Rapid Gummy Channel Counter

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Gummies Are Tough to Count

Gummies have long been difficult to count into bottles. This reality has forced several manufacturers to “weigh” their gummies into containers. From a dose accuracy perspective, it is better to count gummies into a container than to package them by bottle weight.
The reason gummies have not been counted is because, due to their sticky nature, they do not feed well through standard counting equipment. That is, until now. Our new RC90.18.2G Gummy Counter with its Floor Level Bulk Feed Hopper and Cleated Elevator have been designed to keep your line running smoothly by untangling the gummies before they get to the counting head.

Additional Information

Number of Tracks
18 (2×9)
Output (Gummies/min)
Maximum 3,600 (3g)
Machine Weight
Machine Dimensions
3000 W x 1900 H x 1250 D
Air Requirements
6-7kg / cm²
220V / 1ph / 60 Hz
Power Rating
1.2 kW