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M150 Gummy Production Equipment

The M150 Automatic Gummy Production Equipment is a stand-alone system capable of either “batch” or “semi-continuous” production duties. With depositor speeds up to 60,000* gummies per hour, it is perfect for small to medium production runs. This equipment can produce gummies in one or two colors.

Hard candy can also be produced on the M150 Gummy System.  This Hard Candy Cooking “Kitchen” can be placed to the gummy “kitchen”.  Material coming out of the hard candy “kitchen” is pumped directly to the M150 depositor & cooling tunnel.

*Ultimate output per hour depends on several factors, such as; tank size, cleaning time and depositor speed.

Additional Information

Production Capacity
Electric Power Needed
Chiller (option)
Compressed Air Consumption
1.2m3 / min
Compressed Air Pressure
0.4-0.6 Mpa
Room Temperature (oC) For Cooling System
Humidity (%) For Cooling System
Length of the Whole Line (m)
Gross Weight (Kg)
Approx. 7500