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Cap Inspector

Gently Used 2014 Vibrac Precision Test System 2102S-70 Cap Torque Tester with Touch Screen Control, Rated Torque: 70.00 lb.-in. 120/240V. SN# 14-0202. With the simple touch of a button on the smart screen, the converted cap inspector can perform 6 different tests: Bridge Torque, Incremental Torque, Removal Torque, Reverse Ratchet Torque, ROPP and Strip Torque. Bridge Torque – This test determines the rotational force needed to remove a cap and to break the bridges that join the cap to a tamper-evident band on plastic and aluminum caps. Incremental Torque – This test is used to measure the removal torque of a cap and then reapply the cap to a specific position beyond the original starting position. Removal Torque – A non-destructive test, this is used to determine the peak removal torque of a cap. Reverse Ratchet Torque – This test measures the torque required to rotate a child-resistant type cap without engaging the child resistant mechanism. ROPP- This procedure is for testing Roll-On Pilfer Proof type caps. This test method measures the torque required to break the tamper-evident band bridges, and strip threads on ROPP caps. Strip Torque Test- This test is designed to measure the torque required to strip the threads on any type of cap.

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