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CPT PharmaSpec™ Roller Inspection Machine

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Rated at up to 200,000 peices per hour (depending on size of product) High speed, efficient inspection system Independent variable vibrator, flipping and roller speeds Inspection effectiveness can be increased by setting the speed to match both the particular product and the skill of the operator No tools required for cleaning and change over Simplifies and speeds cleaning and change over All FDA approved contact parts Easily meets regulatory requirements Removable ribbed Lexan® rollers Simplifies cleaning, increase effectiveness in rotating product, improves illumination of product, reduces eye strain Compact design and mounted on non-marking casters Little space required and easily moved

Additional Information

CPT PharmaSpec™ Roller Inspection Machine
Power requirements
1 PH/110V/60Hz
Power usage
1kw/hr Up to 200,000 units per hour
Mounted on locking
non-marking casters