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Accutek Counting Line for Tins

Accutek Counting and Packaging Line (Built new in 2011) – Line produced 60 filled pucks per minute – was filling starch molded soft lozenges in 2-piece containers.

Line Contains:
Accutek model 50-80A-0010 (serial number A17204283) Puck Feeder to feed bottom of two-piece plastic container onto Conveyor 1/60/120V 80psi – Accutek model 50TGA-A16 (serial number A17202152) 16-Channel Counter for starch molded soft lozenges 220V 80psi  – Accutek model 50TGA-A16 (serial number A17202153) 16-Channel Counter for starch molded soft lozenges 220V 80psi – Accutek model 22-505-000 (serial number A17202284) Lid feeder to feed lids to applicator – Accutek model 50-COE-CHS Lid Applicator to apply lids to base pucks (Serial number A17202285) 1/60/110V 80psi – Accutek model 42-SL1-100 Shrink Sleeve Applicator with 131mm diameter mandrel (Serial number A17204257) 1/60/120V – Phase Fire model 33-0A0-01 Shrink Tunnel (serial number A17L06-271) 3/60/220V.


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