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Gummy Packaging 101: The Manufacturer’s Guide

How to Choose the Right Gummy Packaging for Your Products 

When it comes to selecting the right packaging method for your gummy vitamins and supplements, there are a number of factors to consider. While some manufacturers may prefer the traditional plastic bag packaging that we commonly see with storebought gummy candies, this is just one of many solutions to choose from. 

Today, we are going to review the multitude of gummy packaging options available for pharmaceutical manufacturers. We will also provide general equipment recommendations if you are interested in adding any of these types of machines to your production line.

First, Why Invest in High-Quality Gummy Packaging Equipment? 

Investing in high-quality gummy packaging equipment can provide your business with a variety of benefits that include: 

More Efficient Turnaround Times 

When you adopt a full gummy production cycle in-house, you can ensure a faster and more efficient turnaround for your manufacturing process. This enables you to create, package, and prepare more batches for shipping in less time. 

Greater Quality Control 

As you transition gummies from manufacturing to packaging, your quality assurance team can exert greater control and make more timely decisions if they notice an error. This prevents defective products from reaching store shelves at a higher rate. 

Redundant Operations at High Volumes 

A high-quality gummy packaging machine will be able to handle large quantities of gummies with greater redundancy. Manufacturers can continue to work with the peace of mind that their packaging equipment is reliable and capable of withstanding the wear and tear of daily use. 

Unique Marketing Opportunities for Contract Manufacturers 

Contract manufacturers serving multiple pharmaceutical clients can create greater business development opportunities by offering their partners a complete in-house production service with industry-leading equipment. This instills greater customer confidence in your operation and allows you to continue earning your partners’ trust as you manufacture and package their products. 

Gummy Packaging Options 

Sealed Plastic Bags 

Bags used for packaging gummies are most often made of polypropylene plastic. Typically, the manufacturer fills the bag by weight or specific quantity, and then the top opening is heat-sealed to create an airtight closure. 

Heat-sealed plastic bags are most commonly used for candy gummies and can also be used for vitamins and supplements. While these are a quick, efficient, and cost-effective solution, manufacturers should consider opting for bags that also include a resealable function so consumers can preserve the gummies longer after taking one. 

To get started with bag packaging, you should consider the following types of equipment: 

Plastic Bottles 

As with bags, plastic bottles are another popular packaging option for gummy products. Bottles are also cost-effective, easy to source, and include the added benefit of being able to easily re-close them after opening. 

Bottles can also be sourced in a variety of shapes and sizes, from larger jars to smaller travel-friendly options. If you are looking to add bottling to your packaging services, consider equipment like: 


Cartons are made with tough paper material for easy disposability after the package has been emptied. Like bags and bottles, sourcing materials for carton packaging is cost-effective and these containers are easy to fill. 

Carton paper can also be configured into a variety of shapes for different aesthetic options. For example, it can be configured into a traditional pentagonal shape with an opening at the top (think storebought milk and juice), a square or rectangular box, and other styles. 

No matter your preferred shape, some equipment you might want to consider adding for your cartoning process includes: 

Other Equipment to Consider 

Beyond the container itself, you may also decide that you want to incorporate other equipment around the gummy packaging process. Some popular options are: 

Get Started with Better Gummy Packaging Today 

At CapPlus, we are the proud supplier of top gummy packaging equipment to a global network of pharmaceutical manufacturers. Our team applies combined decades of experience to connect production operations with the right equipment for their specific needs. 

If you are looking to add gummy packaging to your production capabilities or want to upgrade your existing equipment, contact our team today to learn more about our new and production-ready used solutions.