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Why You Should Use High-Quality Gummy Molds

How to Choose the Right Gummy Molds for Your Pharmaceutical Production

High-quality gummy molds are essential for manufacturing gummy vitamins and supplements at an industrial scale. Their superior durability and customization capabilities allow you to offer an incredible finished product to consumers and contract manufacturing partners alike. 

Today, we are going to discuss some common operational problems with cheap, market-variety gummy molds as well as the benefits of using a high-end solution, a buyer’s guide for essential gummy production equipment, and how you can start ordering custom molds for yourself today. 

Common Problems with Cheap Gummy Molds 

Low Durability 

Market-variety gummy molds are often made with cheaper, less robust materials and targeted at at-home hobbyists that want to make gummy candies. These molds are not constructed to withstand manufacturing at high-volumes with industrial-grade equipment. This results in lower durability and the quality control headaches that can follow. 

Cheap gummy molds made with flimsy materials can also generate higher replacement costs for your business. As molds break or wear down over time, you will invest more time and money replacing them. This can also impede the manufacturing process if there are no extra molds on-hand. 

Lack of Customization 

Market-variety gummy molds often only come in standard shapes like gumdrops and fruit shapes. This limits your ability to offer a custom solution that honors a brand’s guidelines or a licensing agreement that requires proprietary shapes for their gummies. 

May Not Satisfy Contract Manufacturers’ Customers 

When working with pharmaceutical clients as a contract manufacturer, production businesses have to abide by both their partner’s and their own quality standards. Cheaper gummy molds’ lower durability and lack of customization may not satisfy a client’s requirements for their products and can limit business development opportunities. 

Benefits of High-Quality Gummy Molds 

Built for Gummy Manufacturing at Scale 

A custom, high-quality gummy mold built for industrial-grade manufacturing can withstand the pressures of high-volume manufacturing. This enables your team to continue producing high-quality products at high volumes without having to consistently worry about the condition of the molds. 

Designed for High and Low Temperatures 

During the gummy manufacturing process, molds are constantly exposed to high and low temperatures within a short period of time. Molds made with industrial-grade materials are specifically designed to compensate for this and retain their quality throughout these shifts from hot to cold. 

Intended for Long-Term Repeatable Use 

Because high-quality gummy molds can handle high-volume production and both hot and cold temperatures, they are better suited for long-term repeatable use. This results in less wear and tear on the molds over time, allowing you to reuse them for longer than cheaper alternatives. 

Customizable to Standard and Nonstandard Shapes 

Custom gummy molds directly solve the issue of having to work within the confines of a standard shape or size found in market-variety alternatives. Instead, you can have a mold made to your exact specifications that can account for factors like: 

  • Shapes for brand guidelines or licensing requirements
  • Custom sizes for unit weight specifications
  • Specific cavity dimensions for precise and consistent quality  

Contract Manufacturers Can Offer Their Clients More Customization 

When you are able to offer your contract manufacturing clients greater customization for their gummy vitamins and supplements, you can turn this into one of your strongest sales assets for your business. As your customers continue demanding more personalization, you can meet their needs for their products in the moment and offer a superior service that satisfies their needs. 

Other Gummy Manufacturing Equipment to Consider 

Molds are a key component of a greater gummy manufacturing equipment ecosystem. They cannot be used without other necessary machinery to produce high-quality vitamins and supplements for your customers. 

Other gummy manufacturing equipment you should consider includes: 

Production Equipment 

Production equipment is exactly what it sounds like – the actual machinery used to manufacture gummies. Depending on your batch requirements, you can select an option that suits your needs. 

Specific pieces of gummy production equipment that you may want to incorporate into your operations includes: 

Packaging Equipment 

Once you’ve manufactured your gummies, you can select from a variety of packaging options. Typically, the most common types of gummy packaging are sealed plastic bags, bottles, and cartons. 

Depending on your preferences, you might want to add packaging equipment to your operations, such as: 

Quality Control Equipment 

Water activity is the greatest quality control factor to account for when manufacturing gummies. If the water activity level is too high, this can result in a mushy texture, microbial growth in the package, shorter shelf life, and possible safety risks to consumers. 

A water activity meter allows your quality control team to inspect the water activity levels of your gummy products. Beyond assuring proper readings, it can also allow you to identify any batches that might be unsuitable for distribution and adjust the manufacturing process accordingly. 

Our Approach to Custom Gummy Molds 

At CapPlus, we offer our customers custom gummy molds to meet their specific manufacturing needs. These molds are designed for redundant use with our range of gummy production equipment. 

Our process for ordering custom gummy molds is simple and straightforward. Here’s how it goes: 

Step 1: Sample 

We start by learning more about what you want in an ideal custom gummy mold. Draw your desired gummy shape or send us a sample of one that you wish you produce. Also provide the desired weight and your machinery’s make and model so we can help you create the most accurate mold possible. 

Step 2: Dimensional Drawing 

Once we have your information, we’ll create an accurate dimensional drawing of your custom mold. This design will account for all of your performance requirements to create excellent gummies consistently. 

Step 3: Quote and Approval 

After the dimensional drawing is approved, we will send you a custom quote for your molds. This estimate considers factors like the desired quantity of molds and manufacturing costs. 

Step 4: Fabrication and Delivery 

Once you have approved the quote, we ask for a 50% deposit to begin the fabrication process, which typically lasts 4-6 weeks. Once ready, we will notify you and ship the molds to your facility after the remaining 50% payment is received. 

Get Top-Performing Gummy Molds Today 

CapPlus Technologies supplies pharmaceutical manufacturers around the world with top-performing gummy molds, production and packaging equipment, and quality control solutions for consistent results that meet performance expectations. If you are looking for custom gummy molds and production equipment, contact us today to speak with someone from our team.