QuickSort All-In-One Bottle Unscrambling Machine

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  • Item QuickSort All-In-One 48 Automatic Bottle Unscrambling Machine
  • Category Packaging
  • Manufacturer CPT
  • Model QuickSort All-In-One 48 Automatic Bottle Unscrambling Machine
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One (1) QuickSort All-In-One 48 Automatic Bottle Unscrambling Machine equipped with the following:

Constructed of 304 SS #4 Finish and FDA approved contact surfaces

Totally Enclosed Environment with Swing Up Plexiglas Enclosures

Rated at up to 150 bottles per minute depending upon size.

15" Color Touch Screen Controls (Windows 7 Embedded)

  • Sorting Conveyor Variable Speed
  • Inlet Conveyor Variable Speed
  • Orienter Bowl Variable Speed
  • Elevator Variable Speed
  • Hopper Conveyor Variable Speed
  • Video Monitoring System
  • Data Storage
  • Remote Service via WiFi Network (Option)

Container Types

  • Plastic Containers
  • Round, Square
  • 35 to 110mm Diameter
  • 40 to 210mm Height

Bulk Hopper & Elevator

  • 316SS Construction
  • 400 Liter Hopper Capacity
  • 300mm Wide Belt Elevator
  • Bottom Conveyor Bottle Feed

32" Bottle Orienting Bowl

Cleaning Station

  • Bottle Inverting Station
  • 4 Ionized Air Jets
  • Vacuum Intake

Transfer Belts

  • Up-Turn Rail

Alarm System

  • Bottle Back Up Sensor
  • Orienting Bowl Level Sensor
  • Low Air Pressure Sensor
  • Bottle Back Up Sensor

All machine components accessible from floor level.


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