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Ultra SSD B/D Combo 12 Station

The CPT Ultra 12 Station, Single Sided, B/D Combo Press comes complete with a 8″ Color Touch Screen Control system, 6 tons of main compression & 1 ton of pre-compression and can produce of up to 55,000 tablets perhour. The Ultra 13B/D has adjustments for filling depth, penetration depth and tablet thickness.

CPT Ultra 12 Station, Single Sided, B/D Press complete with the following:

  • Stream Lined Punch Tracks
  • Change Rail with Quick Release Clamps
  • Product Hopper with Butterfly Valve
  • Lower Stainless Steel Enclosure
  • Lower Punch Restraining System
  • Round Acrylic Enclosures with Safety Interlocks
  • 316 Stainless Steel Contact Parts
  • Dust Extraction Hood
  • Variable Speed 3hp Main Drive Motor
  • Hand Dial Adjustments for:
    • Filling Depth
    • Penetration Depth Tablet Thickness

Additional Information

Tooling Type
IPT B and D (6 stations for both tooling types)
Control System
8" Color Touch Screen
19,500 – 55,000 tablets per hour
Compression Zones
6 Tons Maximum Main Compression with Load Cell, 1 Tons Maximum Pre Compression
Mechanical Feeding System
Dual Breathers, 3 Impellers, Exit Powder Scrape
Polished Ground Turret Die Table
Punch Flight Resrainer System
Maximum Tablet Diameter or Length
Maximum Tablet Thickness
Maximum Filling Depth
0.5mm to 16mm
Upper Punch Penetration Depth
1 to 6mm