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Brand New 2019 10″ T150 Softgel System – Package Deal

Band New, Never Used 2019 10″ T150 Automatic Softgel Encapsulation System set up to Run Animal Gelatin with the Following:
10″ Softgel Encapsulator with ARC (Automatic Ribbon Control System), AGF (Automatic Gel Feed), Safety Enclosure, Air Shower on Transfer Conveyor

8 Tumble Dryers, 7.5 Oval Tooling, Stainless Steel Spreader Boxes, Vgel Heated Hoses and Controls via Touch Screen, Ethernet Wireless technology, 3 Level Password Touch Screen Controls, Batch Memory
Peristaltic Floor Level Medicine Transfer Pump

Quick Change Over Kit – Fill Material Pump, Product Hopper, Spreader Boxes

600 Liter Fill Material Mixer with Homogenizer and Sweep Mixing. Jacketed with Electric Heat, 7.5hp Vacuum Pump and Touch Screen Controls. Mounted on Stainless Steel Platform with Stairs.

2 x 600 Liter Gelatin Melters with Touch Screen Controls, Load Cells, 2 x 7.5hp Vacuum Pumps, 2 x 150 Liter Hot Oil Recirculation System, Mounted on Stainless Steel Platform with Stairs

5 x 300 Liter Vgel Pressurized Transfer tanks with Digital Temperature Controls. 4 x 300 Liter Jacketed Transfer Tanks with Digital Controls

12 Month Warranty Included


Delivery, Installation & Training are Available at Additional Costs


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T150 10" with ARC