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Stealth III 45 DSB AWC

CPT Stealth III Station Single Sided

Fully Automatic Rotary Tablet Press

CPT Stealth III 36 Station, Single Sided B Press complete with the following:


            15″ Color Touch Screen Controls

            Max.  288,000 tablets per hour

            10 Tons Maximum Pre-Compression

            10 Tons Maximum Main Compression

            8.5mm Maximum Tablet Thickness

            22mm Maximum Filling Depth

            1 to 6mm Upper Punch Insertion Depth

            420mm Pitch Circle Diameter

            Punch Style: EU, IPT, TSM

Construction and Drive System:

            Heavy Duty, Steel Construction Frame

            #304 Stainless Steel Exterior Cover

            Acrylic Swing-up doors

                        Cylinder support on 4 sides

                        Silicone Seals

            #316 Stainless Steel Hopper

                        26 Liter Capacity

                        Butterfly Valve

                        Level Control Sensor

                        Dust Proof Sight Glass

            Mechanical Feeder (Force Feeder)

                        Anodized Aluminum Housing

                        3 Force Feeding Blades

                        Exit Powder Scraper

                        Dual Breathers

                        AC Variable Speed Drive


Pre-compression Roller and Main Compression Roller

                        Heat Treated Rollers

                        Load Cell Mounted

                        Stepper Drive Control of Lower Rollers

                        Eccentric Adjustment of Upper Rolls

            Streamlined Punch Rails

                        PBC Upper Punch Up/Down Rails

                        Bronze Filling Cam

                        PBC Ejection Cam – Load Cell Mounted

            Quick-removal Change Rail

            Tapered die setting pins

            Punch Stoppers

            Silicon Oil Cups on Upper Punches

            Dust Collection hood and outlet duct over turret

            Three Channel Ejection Chute

                        Good Products

                        Rejected Products (via air blast)

                        Sample Channel

            Exit Powder Scraper with Difficult Tablet Discharge Overload System

            10 HP Main Drive Motor with integrated brake    

            11 Kw AC Variable Frequency Speed Control (Inverter)

            Speed Reducer with V-Belt unit 

            Adjustable Auto Lubrication System, Cycle Pump for both Upper and Lower Punches.


Automatic Weight Control System (Optional):

PLC Control system

15″ Color Touch Screen Control Panel

3 Levels of Password Protection Control

Over 20 Detailed Screens of Information

Digital Display Includes the Following and More not Listed:

  • – Turret Rotation Speed
  • – Feeder Speed
  • – Main Compression Force
  • – Pre-Compression Force

    – Max. Main Compression –

  • Max. Pre-Compression
  • – Min. Main Compression
  • – Min. Pre-Compression
  • – Max. / Min. Main Compression Upper Punch Pressure
  • – Max. / Min. Pre- Compression Lower Punch Force
  • – Main Compression Penetration Depth
  • – Pre-Compression Penetration Depth
  • – Tablet Thickness Main Compression
  • – Tablet Thickness Pre-Compression
  • – Penetraion Depth Main Compression
  • – Penetration Depth Pre-Compression
  • – Fill Cam Depth
  • – Fill Depth
  • – Ejection Force
  • – Individual Punch Monitoring with Trend Charts
  • – Filling Depth
  • – Production Count
  • – Auto Lube Controls
  • – Real Time Alarms

Additional Information

15" Color Touch Screen
Tablets Per Hour
Max. 288,000
Maximum Pre-Compression
10 Tons
Maximum Main Compression
10 Tons
Maximum Tablet Thickness
Maximum Filling Depth
Upper Punch Insertion Depth
1 to 6mm
Pitch Circle Diameter
Punch Style