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Screw Powder Conveying

All product contact surfaces will be Type 304 Stainless Steel and/or other materials such as rubber, plastic, etc. All product contact areas shall be welded continuously and deburred with discoloration removed throughout. Exterior, non-material contact areas shall be either carbon steel with standard enamel paint or type 304 Stainless Steel with a micro blasted finish. The system description is material source with manually dumped bags with destination to the bin or hopper. The operational dutry is intermittent. Electrical requirements are: Volts 230, Phase 3, Hz: 60 with a NEMA 4X electrical enclousure. This is a wash down unit. The throughput capacity is 15 cubic feet/hour. Materials to be handled is a Material A – Shake Powder.

It is required that you send us a one pint sample of your actual material(s) for evaluation and confirmation of compatibility with quoted equipment. Upon review of the sample material(s), we may deem it necessary to request a quantity of material sufficient to perform full scale system simulation testing. The above performance specifications of this system shall be specifically based on the handling of the sample supplied to us. If we are not provided with a material sample, we cannot be held responsible for any change in or lack of performance of this equipment.

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