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Seidenader Roller Inspection Machine

Seidenader V50-2 Roller Tablet Inspection Belt, Model V50-2. Smooth transfer of the product onto the inspection rollers. No greasing points or oiled chains as toothed belts are used for transport. Machine can be easily dismantled within a few minutes for cleaning purposes. No friction through moving parts or belts in the product contact zones. No hidden corners, the risk of cross contamination is minimized. The product flows from the feed hopper into a vibratory chute where a perforated screen eliminates coarse dust and chips which are then collected in a container. The product enters the inspection stage in a single layer. The capsules and tablets are placed on rotating rollers and are continuously turned in front of the operator. This allows a reliable all-sided inspection. An adjustable mirror enables the operator to examine the far side of the product. Optionally the rotation speed of the inspection rollers is adjustable.


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