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Pharmafill TC4

The TC4 is designed to quickly and accurately count tablets, capsules and all human solid oral dose applications. No change parts are required. Compact, expandable and innovative, the TC4 is easy to operate and very competitively priced. Designed as a check counter, it is ideal for both short production runs and count verification for large bottling operations. Tablets are introduced through an opening in the rim cover. Guides direct the tablets to the turntable edge where they drop off, passing through a photoelectric scanner, into diverting/filler head. The scanner detects each individual tablet producing a count that is accumulated until it reaches total, at which time the diverter head switches the tablet flow to the opposite filling station. Filled bottles are replaced with empty bottles while the opposite filling station is active.

Stainless steel construction
16” diameter rim and turntable
No change parts required for different products
Custom photoelectric sensing unit counts tablets, capsules, gelcaps and unusual shapes
Computer controlled
Special detection circuit accurately counts clear gelcaps
Continuous filling operation alternates between two filling stations
Count rates as high as 3000 tablets, 1500 capsules per minute
Product change cleanup requires no tools
Accommodates wide variety of bottle sizes and shapes

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