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Pharmafill TC3

TC3 Full-Automatic Electronic Counter is specifically designed for automated lines, with a large capacity hopper and a narrow profile. It has a unique single-discharge chute for faster bottle throughput, up to 50 containers/min of 50 count per machine. Multiple units can placed be side by side on a single lane conveyor. Set-up and clean-up are fast and easy.

Rated at 2500 pills/min, 50 bottles/min

Innovative and unique

Fully Automatic

No change parts

Heavy duty design

Fully computer controlled

Custom photoelectric sensing unit

High capacity hopper

Smart vibratory feeder

Simple and clean glass-disc feeder

Unique air-guides for fast setup and jam-free flow

Unique single-channel delivery

Adjustable lift platform

Smart bottle automation built-in

Ready to roll up to any conveyor

Production ready

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