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LFA Automatic Capsule Filler

LFA FACF-1200 Automatic Capsule Filler with #0 and 00 Tooling. Complete with  vacuum pump and dust collector. Rated at up to 72,000 per hour. Capsule Orientation & Separation Stations: #304 Stainless Steel Capsule Hopper with Level Sensor Control, Complete Capsule Orientation & Separation System,  Powder Feeding/Tamping System Station: Five Tamping Stations that Provides the Widest Variety of Filling Capabilities in the Industry, One Transfer Station to Remove PreMeasured Product to Capsule to within +/- 2%, #304SS Powder Hopper with Automatic Auger Filling System, #304SS Dosing Chamber & Disk with Level Control Sensor Main Segment Drive Assembly: Faulty Capsule Ejection Station Removes all Unseparated Capsules (Mechanical & Pneumatic), Capsule Closing Station, Capsule Ejection Station, Segment Cleaning Station, Uses Both Vacuum and Compressed Air for Additional Cleaning. 

Dimensions: 68″ x 82″ x 88″ Tall
Net Weight: 1,500lbs

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