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Bosch Automatic Capsule Filler

Bosch Fully Automatic Capsule Filler  rated at up to 1500 capsules per minute complete with #0 capsule tooling. Additional #00 & #1 tooling sets minus the tamping plungers.Capsule Orientation/Feeding & Separation Stations: #304 Stainless Steel Capsule Hopper, manual On/Off Control Feature for Capsule Feeding, Capsule Orientation, Capsule Separation System. 

Powder Feeding/Tamping System Station: #304SS Powder Hopper with Automatic Auger Filling System, Five Tamping Stations that Provides the Widest Variety of Filling Capabilities in the Industry, One Transfer Station to Remove PreMeasured Product to Capsule to within +/- 1%, Dosing Chamber & Disk with Powder Level Control Sensor Main Segment Drive Assembly: Faulty Capsule Ejection Station Removes all Unseparated Capsules (Mechanical & Pneumatic), Capsule Closing Station, Capsule Ejection Station, Segment Cleaning Station

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GFK 1500
3ph / 208 / 230V / 60Hz