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GT300 Gummy Production System with Mini CFA

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  • Brand New Mini-CFA makes Continuous Depositing Possible without the Use of a Complex Continuous Cooker
  • Continuous Depositing with 30% Less Operators Compared to a Traditional Continuous Gummy Line
  • 50% Increased Gummy Output Compared to a Batch-based Cooking System
  • Color, Flavor, Acid & Actives (Powder or Liquid) Added Automatically by Weight Into Pre-weighed Batches with ± 5g Accuracy
  • In-Tank Brix Meters Replace Tedious Manual Measurements & Improve Cook Consistency
  • Integrated Load Cells for Automatic Syrup & Water Additions to Pre-designated Recipe Weights
  • UL Listed/Certified. Allen Bradley Electrical Components / Controls / Panels / Color Touch Screen



Additional Information

Inventory #
Production Capacity
Electric Power Needed
Chiller (option)
Compressed Air Consumption
0.5m3 / min
Compressed Air Pressure
0.4-0.6 Mpa
Room Temperature (oC) For Cooling System
Humidity (%) For Cooling System
Length of the Whole Line (m)
Gross Weight (Kg)
Approx. 5000