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2006 Sepha Press Out: Fully Mobile Deblister Machine

2006 Sepha Press Out Standard Automatic Deblistering Machine. Complete with multiple sets of tooling. Rated for up to 60 blisters per minute. Maximum pack size of 120mm x 105mm. Wsed for deblistering reject “push-through” blisters in accordance with GMP requirements, primarily for re-use of the reclaimed product. With product specific change parts, all push-through blisters (Al/Al, PVC, PP), childproof as well, with parallel pocket arrangement and a pocket spacing of at least 1mm (or at least 2mm when using the adjustable roll), may be deblistered. Includes all controls and magazine level control sensor. Mounted on mobile, stainless steel work station with integrated switch panel and collection bin. Manual and auto feeding and rated for up to 60 blisters per minute. Mounted on mobile stainless steel workstation with integrated switch panel, magazine level monitor, variable speed controls, reversing swtich for jams.

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