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CPT T150 10” Softgel Encapsulation System

At Last: The Encapsulation Machine that Meets Your Demands

The T150 is an automatic, PLC controlled, touch screen operated, compact machine to produce soft gelatin capsules (softgels). The machine is designed to be easily operated and is suitable for use in pharmaceutical, food and recreational industries. It complies with all necessary GMP standards and CE regulations.

Compact design saves valuable manufacturing space

Option to have all product contact parts 316L stainless steel

Specifically designed for vegetable gelatin as well as animal gelatin

Machine frame made from al 6061

Machine includes one set of change parts

Lightweight, strong with vibration reducing properties

Top speed for oil filled products: 6 RPM

Top speed for paste products: 2-3 RPM

Since Vgel is more viscous than standard animal gelatin, Vgel gelatin encapsulation machines are designed to support higher temperatures during production

Please contact us for more information to meet your specific needs.


  • Oval #7 60,000 p/hr
  • Oval #10 45,000 p/hr
  • Oval #20 32,000 p/hr
  • Round #40 30,000 p/hr

Additional Information

2,700 (L)x1,200(W)x2,245(H)
AC220, 380, 400V/50, 60Hz/3Ph
Power Consumption
Die Size
10" (250mmx150mm)
Compressed Air