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CPT Stealth III 30D/36B/45BB SS AWC Station Single Sided

CPT Stealth III 36 Station, Single Sided B Press complete with the following:

Construction and Drive System:

Heavy Duty, Steel Construction Frame

#304 Stainless Steel Exterior Cover

Acrylic Swing-up doors

  • Cylinder support on 4 sides
  • Silicone Seals

#316 Stainless Steel Hopper

  • 26 Liter Capacity
  • Butterfly Valve
  • Level Control Sensor
  • Dust Proof Sight Glass

Mechanical Feeder (Force Feeder)

  • Anodized Aluminum Housing
  • 3 Force Feeding Blades
  • Exit Powder Scraper
  • Dual Breathers
  • AC Variable Speed Drive

Pre-compression Roller and Main Compression Roller

  • Heat Treated Rollers
  • Load Cell Mounted
  • Stepper Drive Control of Lower Rollers
  • Eccentric Adjustment of Upper Rolls

Streamlined Punch Rails

  • PBC Upper Punch Up/Down Rails
  • Bronze Filling Cam
  • PBC Ejection Cam – Load Cell Mounted

Quick-removal Change Rail

Tapered die setting pins

Punch Stoppers

Silicon Oil Cups on Upper Punches

Dust Collection hood and outlet duct over turret

Three Channel Ejection Chute

  • Good Products
  • Rejected Products (via air blast)
  • Sample Channel

Exit Powder Scraper with Difficult Tablet Discharge Overload System

10 HP Main Drive Motor with integrated brake

11 Kw AC Variable Frequency

Speed Control (Inverter)

Speed Reducer with V-Belt unit

Adjustable Auto Lubrication System, Cycle Pump for both Upper and Lower Punches.

Automatic Weight Control System (Optional):

PLC Control system

15″ Color Touch Screen Control Panel

3 Levels of Password Protection Control

Over 20 Detailed Screens of Information

Digital Display Includes the Following and More not Listed:

  • Turret Rotation Speed
  • Feeder Speed
  • Main Compression Force
  • Pre-Compression Force
  • Max. Main Compression
  • Max. Pre-Compression
  • Min. Main Compression
  • Min. Pre-Compression
  • Max. / Min. Main Compression Upper Punch Pressure
  • Max. / Min. Pre- Compression Lower Punch Force
  • Main Compression Penetration Depth
  • Pre-Compression Penetration Depth
  • Tablet Thickness Main Compression
  • Tablet Thickness Pre-Compression
  • Penetraion Depth Main Compression
  • Penetration Depth Pre-Compression
  • Fill Cam Depth
  • Fill Depth
  • Ejection Force
  • Individual Punch Monitoring with Trend Charts
  • Filling Depth
  • Production Count
  • Auto Lube Controls
  • Real Time Alarms
  • Power Switches
  • Start & Stop Buttons
  • Inching Step Drive Button
  • Emergency Stop Switch
  • Alarm Buzzer

Additional Information

15" Color Touch Screen
Tablets Per Hour
Max. 288,000
Maximum Pre-Compression
10 Tons
Maximum Main Compression
10 Tons
Maximum Tablet Thickness
Maximum Filling Depth
Upper Punch Insertion Depth
1 to 6mm
Pitch Circle Diameter
Punch Style