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CPT Stealth™ II, SSD, 30 Station Tablet Press

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The CPT Stealth Series of Tablet Presses offer 8 single sided fully automatic production volume options. The Stealth II is the most popular in the series and the Single Sided D Category Leader.

New Stealth™ II D Tooled Fully Automatic 30 station tablet press Rated at up to 135,000 tablets per hour 3 tons maximum pre-compression 10 tons maximum main compression 25 mm maximum tablet diameter or length 18 mm maximum filling depth Automatic mechanical feeding system with variable speed Product hopper with butterfly valve and level sensor Lower stainless steel enclosures Upper plexiglas enclosures with safety interlocks Dust collection port PLC touch screen control system mounted on “swing out arm” Safety alarm system Auto lubrication system Punch tightness detection system 10hp main drive motor Gas buffer units for main and pre-compression stations Hand dial adjustments for: Punch penetration depth Filling depth Tablet thickness Tool box

Please contact us for more information on high volume CPT tablet press options.

Additional Information

Rotary Tablet Compression Machine Single Sided
Working Speed
7,200 to 135,000 Tab/Hr.
Number of Stations
30 Stations
Tooling Type
Mirror Finish
Hard Chrome Mirror Finish on Turret & Die Table
Mechanical Force Feeder