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CPT – 20 Tabletop Labeler

Range of label sizes
6 – 120mm (1/4 – 4.7 “)
6 – 300mm (1/4 – 11.8 “)
For flat containers
Range of container widths: 6.5 – 152mm (0.26 – 6″)
Range of container heights: Flat-120mm (flat-4.72″)

 Features  Benefits
Adjustable applicator height Suitable for a wide variety of containers and labels
Manual position setting Easy to use adjustments insure labels are placed accurately on the container
Stores up to 4 product settings Faster and more accurate set up
Easy to follow fault instructions Enables operator to quickly identify and fix problems
Production preset – stop function Automatically stops once the pre-set quantity has been set
Label countdown Allows operator to monitor run progress
Batch counter Easy to keep track of batches
Label counter Simplifies regulatory tracking of labels
Label position set Ensures labels are placed correctly on product
Adjustable to 4 speeds Easily adjusts to line speeds. Can handle small and large labeling operations
Manufactured with stainless steel and anodized aluminum Robust, long lasting construction with quick and easy cleanup
Manufactured to strict ISO 9001 standards High quality, consistent manufacturing assures easy repairs and/or upgrades
GMP compliant Designed to easily surpass standards of compliance auditors
Stepper driven mechanism Fine adjustment allows precise label placement

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