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CF-150 Automatic Capsule Filler

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Automatic Capsule Filling Machine.
Rated at 150,000 capsules per hour with complete tooling set of your choice.

Construction: #304 stainless steel enclosures & tabletop.
Four heavy duty acrylic doors, #304 stainless steel turret.
All FDA approved contact parts, mounted on casters & leveling pads drive system.
AC variable speed frequency control , clutch/brake system with torqued limiter for safety.

Built-in compressed air powered vacuum pump.
Capsule orientation/feeding & separation stations.
#304 stainless steel capsule hopper with level sensor control.
Pneumatic on/off control feature for capsule feeding system.
Complete capsule orientation system.
Complete capsule separation system redesigned without metal to metal contact.
Powder feeding/tamping system station.
Five tamping stations that provides the widest variety of filling capabilities in the industry.
One transfer station to remove premeasured product to capsule to within +/- 1%.
#304ss powder hopper with automatic auger filling system.
#304ss dosing chamber & disk with level control sensor main segment drive assembly.

Faulty capsule ejection station.
Capsule closing station.
Capsule ejection station.

Segment cleaning station uses both vacuum and compressed air for additional cleaning control system.
Programmable logic control system. 8″ color touch screen control panel mounted on swing out arm.
Total alarm system for complete operator and machine safety.

Independent timers for capsule hopper.

Additional Information

CPT CF150 Automatic Capsule Filler
Max. Production Quantity
1,750 x 1,750 x 2,100
2,500 Kg
220 / 380 3PH 60Hz