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CF-100 Capsule Filler

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Rated at 110,000 capsules per hour: One complete set of size parts for # 0 capsules (or your choice of size).
Control cabinet with PLC touch screen control system.
Empty capsule supply hopper with low level sensor, acoustic signal and orientation station.
Pneumatic capsule feed On/Off via PLC.
Capsule transport by means of interchangeable segments for capsule caps and bodies.
Powder filling station with powder supply hopper, auger feed and low level sensor.

Dosing disc with tamping pin set.
Tamping pins are micro adjustable for height and dose weight.
Faulty capsule reject station for non-separated capsules.

Capsule closing and ejections stations.

Additional Information

CapPlus-Technologies Inc.
CF-100 Capsule Filler
1,500mm W x 1650mm D
1,900 Kg
220 / 3PH / 60Hz