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Acasi Liquid Filler

2018 Never Used Acasi Tru-Pump 6 Head Gear Pump Filler (12 liter/min per pump) with 8 Fill Nozzles and Storage Tank. Each pump is rated at 12 liters per minute x 8.
Control panel features: Individual volume adjustment for each pump, Individual speed control adjustment for each pump, Pumps on-off switch, Individual or multiple prime pump option, Omron 6-inch touch screen for machine functions, Omron PLC, Three filling options on control panel (up, bottom-up and down), Bottle counter, Front panel start and emergency stop, No bottle-no fill, Recipe memory minimizes changeover times, 12-inch stroke air cylinder with magnetic sensors for nozzle up and down movement, Hand wheel and shaft mounted stoppers for height and stroke adjustment, fully adjustable nozzle spacing. Container height adjustment from 0.5 to 16 inches, diving nozzle stroke adjustment from 0 to 8 inches, Entry and exit bottle gating cylinders, Air filter regulator, bottle gating cylinders.

Electrical: 220V, 3 Phase, 60 / 50Hz, 28Amps.
Compressed Air: 20 CFM @ 80 p.s.i.

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Inventory #
Tru-Pump 8
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220V/3ph/60Hz, 28Amps