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4″ Dual Softgel System

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We call it a “Dual” System because it is capable of producing softgel capsules from animal gelatin or tapioca starch (vegan). With speeds up to 5 RPM and producing up to 28,000* animal based softgels per hour, this set-up is ideal for small to medium production runs or research & development work.All of the items pictured below can be operated in a single 600 sq. ft. temperature and humidity controlled room.

GMP product contact parts make this system suitable for use in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food and recreational industries.

Gelatin Melting & Mixing Tanks are available in many sizes to accommodate different batch requirements. The tanks are temperature controlled, jacketed and pressure rated with motors strong enough to handle the thicker starch formulas.

The 120 Liter Fill Material Transfer Tank is mounted on a cart along with a peristaltic pump which communicates with the 5 liter hopper on the encapsulator. This is an easy way to set up the system for longer runs without the need to manually refill the hopper.

The Chilling System is also modular and controls the temperature of the chilling drums.

The 4” Softgel Encapsulator uses a simple touchscreen control system to control all processing parameters. It has a 316 stainless steel medicine pump with 6 plungers capable of achieving fill accuracy to +/- 2%. The pump is flexible and capable of handling fill materials ranging from lite oils to pastes. Each plunger has a fill volume of up to 2ml. Fill volume is easily adjusted by rotating a knob on the side of the pump.

An Air Conveyor gently moves the freshly formed softgels to the Tumble Dryers.

The first Tumble Dryercontaining two baskets, is controlled by the touch screen on the encapsulator and is used to run animal gelatin products. The second Tumble Dryer is used when running starch products. This second Dryer is a “stand alone” unit with separate controls and power requirements.

Stackable Drying Trays with Dollies are provided in sufficient quantity to cover the anticipated production schedule.

The system comes with one set of Change Parts. Additional sets are available for producing different sizes and shapes of softgels.

Additional Information

4" Dual
1050mm (H) x 650mm (D) x 1800mm (W)
220V, 3Ph, 60Hz, Max 3kW req