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10 Advantages of a Custom Mold for Gummy Machines

Custom molds for gummy machines can play an instrumental role in streamlining the manufacturing process and ensuring greater product quality. Using high-quality manufacturing equipment also enables your production team to create larger batches with greater consistency and efficiency. 

However, molds are often an important component that can be overlooked when selecting the right equipment. The ability to offer custom molds can provide your business with the means to scale your operations and attract more clients that are looking for proprietary product shapes. 

Today, we are going to cover 10 key benefits of high-quality custom molds for your gummy machine. Let’s start with the durability of the materials. 

1: Durable Materials 

When you are producing tens or hundreds of thousands of gummies on a daily basis, this can place a strain on your equipment. Molds made with flimsy or cheaper materials can suffer damage over time which can interrupt your operations. 

With a higher-quality mold, you can maintain operational continuity with the peace of mind that the mold is constructed with materials that are meant to withstand repeated use at high production volumes. These molds are designed to account for drastic temperature changes as well as frequent use on a daily basis. 

2: Custom Sizes and Shapes 

As the name suggests, a “custom mold” for gummy machines allows you to create custom shapes and sizes that meet your business or client’s brand requirements. You can also create the same shape in multiple sizes to offer a small, medium, and large variant to match consumer preferences.

3: Meet Licensing Requirements 

Whether you operate an in-house production team or an outsourced manufacturing service, custom shapes can prove especially advantageous for licensed gummy products. For example, if you are creating shapes that are trademarked by a media company for a line of children’s vitamins, you can meet their brand requirements at the necessary production volumes. 

4: Greater Product Consistency 

A high-quality custom mold will interact with your equipment as intended with little to no operational interruptions. This allows for a more consistent finished product on a recurring basis. 

Molds made with cheaper materials may cause the gummies to stick to the surface, resulting in product loss. This can be avoided by opting for a mold constructed with premium materials. 

5: A Simple Process 

If you are looking to add custom molds to your gummy manufacturing equipment, the process is rather simple.

At CapPlus, we offer the ability to create custom molds for our customers that purchase our gummy vitamin machines. Though every mold manufacturer will have their own process, you can use ours as a preview of what one could look like: 

Step 1: Sampling 

We start with a design sample where our customer sends us a drawing or gummy of the desired shape. After providing this visual model along with weight requirements and equipment information, we proceed to the Drawing phase. 

Step 2: Drawing 

A dimensional drawing of the mold is created and sent to our customer for approval. This mockup accounts for shape, weight, and machinery requirements to ensure that the mold will perform at a high level with their manufacturing equipment. Upon approval, a quote is provided. 

Step 3: Quote 

Once the drawing has been finalized and approved, a quote is provided. Pricing accounts for factors like the number of molds needed, size, and manufacturing costs. To start fabrication, a 50% deposit is required. 

Step 4: Fabrication 

Once the deposit is received, fabrication begins. This process takes approximately 4-6 weeks to create the finished molds and prepare them for shipment. Before shipping, the remaining 50% of the payment is required. 

Get Your Own Custom Molds for Your Gummy Equipment Today 

When you add your own custom molds to your production processes, the difference is immediately noticeable. With greater manufacturing capabilities and a wider variety of designs, you can create more opportunities for your business and customers. 

At CapPlus, we provide the pharmaceutical industry with the world’s leading gummy production equipment, along with custom molds. To learn more about our products or to start your own customization project with us, contact us today to speak with our team.