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The Complete Guide to Small Scale Gummy Equipment

Start Manufacturing Small Batch Gummy Vitamins Today 

Whether you are looking to add a boutique service or want a lower risk point-of-entry to gummy vitamin production, small scale gummy equipment can provide a number of benefits for pharmaceutical manufacturers. Today, we are going to cover important topics like: 

  • The benefits of small scale production 
  • Does small scale differ from large scale operations? 
  • Equipment needed to get started

Benefits of Small Scale Gummy Manufacturing 

Easier to Maintain Consistency 

Small batches allow manufacturers to maintain greater consistency with less effort. Because the scope of production is smaller, process oversight becomes easier and allows for greater quality control.

More Time to Spend on Quality Control 

Quality control teams can dedicate more time to testing smaller batches for common issues like high or low water activity in the finished product. This plays an important role in identifying a defective batch and can grant more time to adjust your manufacturing process to correct any issues that arise. 

Optimize Manufacturing Resources 

Put simply: small scale gummy batches require fewer resources at a given time. While continuing to buy ingredients in bulk will save you money, small scale production will not require the same amount of personnel or floorspace. 

Does Small Scale Manufacturing Change the Production Process? 

Whether manufacturing gummies at a small scale or large scope, the process remains the same. There are three general phases that you should be aware of: 

  • Cooking: Ingredients are heated in a kettle until they are in a liquid state, known as a “slurry”. 
  • Depositing and Cooling: The slurry is deposited into molds and cooled through chilling tunnels before drying.
  • Coating and Quality Control: Manufacturers have the option to coat gummies prior to inspecting them for quality assurance. 

Equipment You Need to Get Started 

Gummy Depositor 

The gummy depositor handles the majority of the gummy manufacturing process. Depending on your needs, these machines can vary in size and batch capabilities. When making gummy vitamins and supplements in small batches, you will likely not require a large depositor.

At CapPlus, we designed our M40 gummy depositor specifically for small batch production. Capable of producing up to 15,000 gummies per hour, it automates the depositing process and offers user-friendly features like touch screen controls and automatic de-molding. 

Gummy Molds 

Custom gummy molds allow you to shape your gummy slurry into your desired shape. Using a high-quality solution can withstand the wear and tear of repeated use and deliver a more consistent finished product. 

Gummy Coating Machine 

Coating machines are rather straightforward and are an optional part of the manufacturing process. They allow you to add an exterior coating to your gummy product to add new dimensions of texture and/or taste to your product. 

Auxiliary Manufacturing Equipment 

While you may already have some of these items at your facility, these are also important components of a complete gummy manufacturing process. If you are starting from scratch, you should also be sure to add these other pieces of equipment to your production line: 

  • Checkweigher or counter for accurate container filling 
  • Conveyors 
  • Infeed and accumulation tables 

Quality Control Equipment

Water activity meters are an essential component of gummy quality control. They can measure the water activity levels to inform your team if the levels are too high or low. Irregular water activity can affect your gummies’ texture, taste, shelf life, and also expose them to an increased likelihood of microbial growth. 

Packaging Equipment 

Gummy vitamin manufacturers can select a variety of packaging options for their products. The three most common mediums are sealed bags, bottles, and cartons. 

If you decide to bottle your gummy products, make sure that you also add bottle unscrambling, capping, and sealing machines to your production line. These will help automate the process of creating a shelf-ready finished product. 


Though last on this list, the gummy ingredients you choose are just as important as your equipment. Typically, these are the most common ingredients needed for a gummy vitamin or supplement: 

  • Pectin 
  • Glucose syrup
  • Sugar or alternative sweetener 
  • Flavorings and colors 
  • Active ingredients 
  • Coating materials (optional) 
  • Citric acid for pH balancing 

Get Your Own Small Scale Gummy Equipment

Since our founding, CapPlus has provided innovative pharmaceutical production solutions for a global network of brands and contract manufacturers. We specialize in connecting you with the right gummy machinery you need for your facility and can also assist you with procuring custom molds and ingredients. 

To learn more about the best products for your small scale gummy production goals, contact our team anytime.