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New Rapid Channel Counters

 :: Posted by capplusblog on 05-15-2014
Rapid Channel Counter 150.30.6

Rapid Channel Counter 150.30.6


When it comes to filling bottles efficiently, the problem has always been getting the empty bottles organized under the funnel(s), filled and on down the conveyor without causing a perpetual bottle-neck.  It is the bottles, not the capsules/tablets that have been the problem all along. 

The RapidT Channel Counter solves this bottle-neck problem by turning the entire counter 90 degrees so it runs parallel to the conveyor.  The bottles enter under the product channels (previously dead space) in multiple lanes (up to 8). Each lane has a separate filling funnel so multiple bottles are filled simultaneously.  Once filled the bottles filter back onto the single lane conveyor for additional single file processing.

This simple design change improves bottle flow. It is a simple solution with a dramatic result.  Here are the bottle speeds you can expect with our various models:



RC Channel Counter Chart

Rapid Channel Counter

Turning the counter 90 Degrees makes room for multiple funnels so bottles can be filled simultaneously.

Consider adding a RapidT Channel Counter to your line.

Give us a call at 623-582-2800 and we will help you select the right model for your needs.

Used Equipment

 :: Posted by capplusblog on 03-12-2014
Used Desiccant Pouch Inserter

Used Desiccant Pouch Inserter

Capsule Polisher
Tablet press
capsule polisher
Click here for more information on E-2397
  • sed D-6 Fitzmill with free swinging knives (reversable blunt edge to blunt edge knives)
Click here for more information E-2394
  • Used Schaeffer Technologies CP4-200 automatic capsule polishing system with variable speed control
Cotton Inserter
Bander / Sleever
cotton inserter
Bander / Sleever
Click here for more information on E-2392

  • Used Lakso Model 52 autoamtic cotton insertion machine
Click here for more information E-2349
  • Used Axon EZ-100 neck bander rated at up to 150 bottles per minute, 18 to 112mm layflat width range, 10 to 68mm container diameters, mounted on stainless steel stand
Tablet Process Center
Key International Checkweigher
tablet process workstatopm
Click here for more information on E-2065
  • Key International CW2001 Ultra Balance Electronic Checkweigher
Click here for more information E-2062
  • Used Zymark TPW II Automatic Tablet Processing Working station for testing content uniformity
Cap Torque Tester
Disk Counter
tablet press
disk counter
Click here for more information on E-2059
  • MDU 2 torque measuring system specially designed to work on bottle caps
Click here for more information E-2395
  • Used Fairchild CountMaster II disk counter with 10′ variable speed conveyor and bottle indexing system

NEW Thick-Sort™ 10 Model II

 :: Posted by capplusblog on 02-20-2014

Automatically Sorts Tablets and Softgels by Thickness

Thicksort 10 Model II

Thicksort 10 Model II




Made In The USA Quality Construction-Easy Parts Availability
‘Angular’ Contact Bearings On ‘Pivot’ Rollers. Promotes Bearing Longevity-Less Down Time
‘Plug-n-play’ bearings on each roller Easy To Replace A Single Bearing Without Dismantling Machine
Motorized Angle Adjustment Quick And Easy Angle Adjustment
Tilt Angle Indicator Insures Accurate Placement Batch To Batch
All Stainless Steel Design-FDA Approved Contact Parts Meets Or Exceeds Regulatory Requirements
Lockable Casters Easy To Move. Locks In Place
Interlocked, Hinged Roller Cover Guard w/Pneumatic Support Cylinders Keeps Operator Hands Away From Running Rollers


Quick Release, Removable SS Hopper Tool-less Removal Makes Clean-up Easy
Adjustable Product Flow Gates on Hopper Controls Flow Of Product From Hopper To Rollers
Geometric Product Diverters Insure Product Is Immediately Directed To Each Channel
Adjustable Product Feeding Dampeners Allows Product To Run Fast Without ‘Jumping’


Thickness Adjustment Range: 1-14mm Handles A Wide Variety Of Tablet or Softgel Shapes & Sizes
Solid Stainless Steel Rollers Precision Ground to 0.007mm Circularity Accurately Sorts Product As Thin As 2mm
Variable Roller Speed Adjustment w/Digital Display Sorts up to 500,000 Items/Hour, Depending on Product Size/Shape
Three Discharge Chutes/Recovery Containers Sorts Product by: ‘Two Thin’, ‘Just Right’ and ‘Too Thick’
1 HP Main Drive System Plenty Of Power To Run The Heaviest Product At High Speed
Continuous Timing Belt Drive Simple Efficient Drive System Runs All Rollers At The Same Speed



110V, 1 Phase, 60Hz


Width: 49”

Depth: 54”

Height: 66”


1,000 Lbs

225 Top & Bottom Labeler


Click here to download a brochure>>