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Used Equipment

 :: Posted by capplusblog on 06-05-2014
Semi-Automatic Powder Filler, Mateer Burt

Semi-Automatic Powder Filler, Mateer Burt

Tabletop Labeler
Tablet Press
tabletop labeler
tablet press
Click here for more information E-2389
  • Barely Used 2005 Advent ADL-310 semi-autoamtic pressure sensitive labeler with a 2006 ADL-HSC hot stamp printer (sn 923789) with lots of extra fonts.
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  • Stokes 514-1 rotary tablet press
Electronic Disk Counter
Tablet Press
electronic disk counter
tablet press
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  • Used King TB5 Electronic Counting System rated at 15 to 25 bottles per minute of 100 count depending upon product type and size.
Click here for more information E-2346
  • Used Stokes B2 512-1 Tablet Press
Click here for more information E-2312
  • Used Sweco Sifter, 48″ diameter, stainless steel, double deck. 1hp drive motor at 1,200 rpm
Click here for more information E-2310
  • Used Wakesha Homogenizing / Mixing station
Cotton Inserter
Disintegration Tester
cotton inserter
disintegration tester
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  • Manesty BB4 35 station bi-layer tablet press
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  • Used Distek GD-2 Dual Station disintegration tester.
Capsule Filler
Tablet Printer
capsule filler
tablet printer
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  • Elanco model 8 semi-automatic capsule filler in good running condition
Click here for more information E-2075
  • Ackley Ramp Feed printer has an adjustable feed angle that ensures optimum fill rate for all products and provides quality offset printing for the pharmaceutical and confectionary industry

New Lab Equipment

 :: Posted by capplusblog on 10-31-2013

Instant Softgel Moisture Analyzer | Tablet Dissolution Tester
Disintegration Tester | Automated Friabilator
Tap Density Tester


Instant Softgel Moisture AnalyzerInstant Softgel Moisture Analyzer


  • Excellent for instant feedback on the production floor
  • Impact proof carrying case
  • Compact and portable
  • Digital LCD display (0.5” tall characters)
  • Displays results within 5 seconds
  • Solid state micro based technology
  • 304 stainless steel test cell contact parts
  • Tough black ABS plastic enclosures
  • Auto-off electronics
  • Low power consumption (battery can last for a year or more)
  • Standard 9v battery included
  • Sealed control buttons to protect internal electronics from oily environments
  • Easy-to-set temperature compensation allows accurate moisture readings to be taken in multiple environments
  • Fahrenheit and celsius models available

Instant Softgel Moisture AnalyzerPrinciple of Operation

The ISMA is a handheld device used to quickly determine the relative moisture of the shell of a softgel capsule. Moisture content is determined indirectly by measuring the electrical resistance through the softgel shell. As the moisture content of the shell increases, resistance decreases. This unique relationship allows moisture levels to be determined nondestructively in a few seconds. The electrical resistance of water is roughly one billion times higher than most metals and therefore requires precise electronics to measure the high resistance through a softgel shell.


  • Measure Moisture Content from 5% to 99.9%
  • Readout Accuracy to one Decimal Point
  • 0 to 200°F or -30.0 to 95°C Temperature Operating Range Depending on the Model Selected
  • Cup volume is 4.48 in3 (73.4cc) and Holds Approximately Fifty #10 Oval Softgels
  • Total Weight is 540 Grams (approximately)
  • Successful Fill Material Types – Oils, PEG Based, Pastes

Tablet Dissolution Tester

Tablet Dissolution TesterSalient Features:

  • Complies with USP, IP, BP, DAB specifications
  • Ergonomically designed control panel with membrane keyboard
  • Sturdy bath top plate with precise vessel centering facility
  • Automated sampling with Peristaltic Pump, Fraction Collector and Manifold
  • Validation printout of test parameters
  • Supports USP apparatus 1, 2, 5 and 6
  • 12 programmable mono- graphs and sampling intervals
  • Ideal for sustained and controlled release products
  • Supports both glass and Merlon jars
  • Easy and secure installation

Dissolution testing is one of the most important tests carried out by the pharmaceutical industry on solid dosage forms like tablets, capsules and pellets.

Our tablet dissolution tester automates this accurate and precise task used for Quality Control and R&D of pharmaceuticals in its stand alone model.

This microprocessor based tester anticipates and even exceeds USP requirements. Performance, reliability, accuracy and operator ergonomics – the tester simply defies comparison.

Integrating this unit with the peristaltic pump and fraction collector automates the task of sampling. This model validates online system performance with a printer link.

The tester with 6 stirring stations is user friendly since it eliminates numerous routine manual operations. The position of the 6 test vessels plus replenishment vessel are designed for easy accessibility. The moulded merlon jars are perfectly cylindrical at the top and the bottom portion is a precise hemisphere with three self – supporting legs.

The critical positioning of the stirrers in all six test vessels and the precise distance from the bottom is achieved automatically.

A comprehensive self -check routine which is initiated when power is switched on gives reliable self-diagnostics: Modular construction includes plug-in PCB’s making serviceability and field upgrading an easy task.

Twelve programmable sampling intervals and RPM’s can be set. The microprocessor precisely controls and displays the RPM using a built-in tachometer. An auto- calibration system ensures a reliable and accurate control of temperature. The test will not start until the set temperature is achieved. An external probe is provided to monitor and validate bath or individual test vessel temperature. An audible beep is given at the end of each sampling interval.

The RUN, HALT, READY and TEMP ON LED indicators reflect the status of the instrument.

Twelve individual mono- graphs can be set, stored and recalled for each test sequence. These parameters are retained by a battery backed up RAM.

Assured System Performance

A print interval from 1 to 60 minutes can be set and a documented validation report of all critical operating parameters including percentage deviation in RPM and difference in test temperatures is printed during the test. Thus the system performance is assured even when the instrument is unattended.

Disintegration Tester

Disintegration TesterFeatures:

  • Programmable temperature and timer
  • Snap-Click™ loading and a swivel free basket movement
  • Autoparking of baskets at top position
  • Illuminated bath for better visibility
  • External temperature probe
  • Maintenance free smooth drive
  • Water bath for uniform temperature

ELECTROLAB‘s microcontroller based ED-2L is used for testing the disintegration time of tablets, capsules and other solid dosage forms. ED-2L is designed to meet the specifications of USP, IP and EUR pharmacopoeia.

This latest version offers wide programming parameters with its new microcontroller. The ED-2L design allows easy installation of the unit. A special cam-drive ensures jerk-free movement.

ED-2L offers easy loading of the baskets with swivel free movement through a simple yet unique Snap-Click™ loading mechanism for attaching and removal of baskets.

The programmable Timer can be set for seconds to minutes and from minutes to hours. This ensure that short and long duration tests can be conducted on the same unit. At the end of the test the baskets are automatically parked at the top position and the timer gives an alarm.

Illumination is provded at the base of the ED-2L for better viewing of the disintegration process of the test samples. An acrylic water bath is provided to give uniform temperature in the beaker. The temperature can be set from 20.0°C to 39.9°C and is controlled with an accuracy of ± 0.5°C.

The built-in RTD sensor monitors the bath temperature and the external probe monitors beaker temperature.

Automated Friabilator

Automated Friabilator


  • Microcontroller control
  • Programmable counter/timer
  • Validation of RPM and count
  • ELECTROLAB AD Drum (Automated Discharge) meets USP requirement
  • Supports two drums
  • Front loading drums
  • 10 degree tilt facility

ELECTROLAB microcontroller based EF-2 Friabilator is designed to meet USP, IP, EUR pharmacopoeia. EF-2 offers a counter and timer mode of operation. The unique design allows filling and auto discharging of test samples without opening or removing the drum from it’s axis. A 10 degree tilt is provided to prevent jamming of the tablets when tumbling.

The unit supports ELECTROLAB AD Drums “Abrasion Drums” as well as standard drums. It has a unique front loading system, which allows up to two drums to be loaded simultaniously on the instrument. The drums are designed to positively engage with the drive to prevent any splippage. Single or double drums can be held in position by a snap lock knob.

At the end of the test the test samples are automatically discharged into their individual trays. After discharging the samples, the drum positions itself automatically for loading new samples. The drums are rotated by a maintentance free stepper motor drive with a constant speed of 25 RPM.

The test can be performed in two modes – Time and Revolution Count. The time duration and the revolution count are programmable. The values once programmed are retained in the memory of the instrument. The microcontroller, self validates the revolution count.

EF-2 has a power failure detection facility. If the power fails during the test, the remaining test in completed when the power supply is resumed.

Tap Density Tester

Tap Density Tester

Salient Features:

  • Complies with USP and ASTM specifications
  • Supports both USP I, USP II test methods
  • Two cylinder holders with snaplock mechanism for 100 ml and 250 ml cylinders
  • Simultaneous rotating and tapping motion assures an evenly packed surface
  • 24 x 2 alphanumeric LCD display
  • User friendly operation with menus and current status indicators
  • Calculation of test results like tapped density, compressibility index and Hausner Ratio
  • Printer port for documenting test results as per GMP/GLP standards