Roller Inspection

  • Inventory # E-2873
  • Manufacturer CPT
  • Model PharmaSpec
  • Year2012
  • Electrical 1ph/120v/60hz
  • Category Cleaning & Inspection < Roller Inspection


One (1) Gently Used and Reconditioned 2012 CPT PharmaSpec Roller inspection system for capsules, tablets, softgels, candies, etc. Rated at up to 200,000 pieces per hour (depending on product size and shape). Independent variable vibrator, flipping and roller speeds. No tools required for cleaning and change over. All FDA approved contact parts. Removable Lexan® ribbed rollers in increase effectiveness of product rotation, product illumination, reduces eye strain. Compact design and mounted on non-marking casters. Perforated vibratory feed plate for duct extraction. Overhead and under lighting to illuminates entire work surface to increase speed and effectiveness of inspection. Single sided mirror to allow operator view of all passing product. Vacuum pencil with collection bin that allows the operator to effectively pick up and remove defective product.

Approx. Dimensions: 58" long x 59" high x 24" wide

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