Customer Story

  • Name: Procaps S.A.
  • Type: Nutraceutical manufacturer
  • Location: Barranquilla, Columbia, South America
  • Products: Softgel production and packaging


Procaps S.A. is an established, innovative nutraceutical manufacturing leader based out of Columbia, South America. With one of the largest softgel production and packaging facilities in the entire world Procaps S.A. relies on CapPlus to provide innovative and reliable softgel solutions to meet their production equipment needs.


Procaps reached out to CapPlus to provide innovative softgel auxiliary equipment; CPT Pharmaspec Inspection Machine, CPT Softgel Capsule Polisher, and the new CPT Softgel Washing System. Each of these products helps elevate Procaps production quality and helps them to streamline their production process.


Procaps S.A. as expected is thrilled with both the new CapPlus equipment and the consultative communication that helped them make the best choices to meet their needs.


“As one of the largest softgel manufacturers in the world, we needed an innovative partner to help enhance our softgel production capabilities. CapPlus is the kind of reliable partner with innovative products that we wanted.”

J.M. - Engineering Manager
Form Fill and Seal Systems from CapPlus Technologies