Customer Story

  • Name: Forever Nutraceutical
  • Type: Nutraceutical manufacturer
  • Location: Phoenix, AZ, USA
  • Products: Softgel, capsule, tablet products and packaging


The opening of Forever Nutraceutical was a momentous occasion. Cutting the ribbon opened the door to a facility capable of producing all types of health supplements, a research and development laboratory that would be the envy of any pharmaceutical manufacturer, and talented individuals to staff it. The facility itself is state-of-the-art in every way. Working on a defined budget they reached out to CapPlus to provide an end-to-end solution to meet all of their production and packaging equipment needs.


After consultation with CapPlus to understand Forever’s needs, CapPlus designed the layout of the complete production and packaging equipment system from start to finish. This included identifying the needed equipment, options on layout to make the best use of the floorspace, build-out recommendations such as drying tunnels and power, timeline management in order to ensure the facility could open on time, installation, and continued to follow-up to ensure production and packaging lines continue to perform as expected.


Forever Nutraceutical opened on schedule and they continue to operate smoothly. They are meeting clients needs in softgel, capsule and tablet production and packaging commitments. They are an integral part of the worldwide Forever Group of companies.


“CapPlus helped us with everything we needed to become operational. They assisted us in designing the footprint, build-out, and equipment procurement. Then they managed the installation and trained our staff. Today they continue to support us a true partner.”

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