Induction Sealer

induction sealer
  • Inventory # E-3293
  • Manufacturer Pillar
  • Model Pillar iFoiler
  • Year N/A
  • Electrical 1ph/220v/60hz
  • Category Packaging < Induction Sealer


Pillar 2kw iFoiler with highly functional touch screen interface, unsurpassed sealing efficiency, multiple language accessibility, and an optional, “seal calibration system” which ensures seal integrity.

Applications can be saved within the memory of the I-Foiler™, and can be called up independently with selected parameters. Sealing coils are removable from the generator without tools.

The I-Foiler’s digital technology decreases internal components, reduces energy consumption and lessens the overall footprint and weight of the machine, ultimately lowering the cost of ownership while proving our commitment to a greener, more sustainable future.