Softgel Encapsulator

  • Inventory # E-3179
  • Manufacturer CapPlus Technologies
  • Year 2018
  • Electrical 3ph/208/230v/60hz
  • Category Softgel < Encapsulation


Gently Used 2018 4" R&D Softgel System with Transfer Conveyor and Blower, Dual Variable Speed Tumble Dryers, Chilling System for Chilling Drums, Heated Hopper with Stirrer, Auto Gel Feed System, Color Touch Screen control system, #10 Oval tooling set. Spare parts kit.

Also Includes:

  • 20 - New Stackable Drying Trays and One Tray Dolly
  • 1 - Gently Used Portable 60 Liter Vgel Melting Tank with Separate Water Ring Vacuum Pump (220v/3ph/60hz)
Form Fill and Seal Systems from CapPlus Technologies