E-3173 Powder Filling LineDual Head Powder Filling Line

  • Inventory # E-3173
  • Manufacturer Various - See below
  • Year 2012-2015
  • Electrical Various - See Below
  • Category Packaging < Powder Filling


2012 AMS 60" Bottle Infeed Table, Variable Speed. 120V / 1ph / 60Hz2012 Twin Flexible Screw Feed

System with 36" x 36" bulk hopper & screen, dual vibration, all stainless steel construction. Floor stand and controls to connect to both auger filler hoppers independent of each other. 230V / 3ph / 60Hz2012

AMS A-500164E Dual Auger Filler w/26' stainless steel conveyor and stainless steel conveyor chain and dual bottle indexing, auto head lifting system, vibration controllers but no vibrators. Dual Embedded Check Weighers with reject station rated at up to 300 weights per minute, loads up to 5kg maximum and accuracy up to +/- .02 grams. Air control stations for main indexing, reject station, scale indexing and scale lift. 4 set of tooling included: 1 5/8", 1 7/8", 2 1/2" and 2 3/4" 208V / 3ph / 60Hz2015 Loma Metal Detector BMD25439 with 5' long x 8" wide conveyor, 9.75 x 12.75" detection opening, Reject Station, all stainless steel construction.

120V / 1ph / 6HzNitrogen Purge Control Station, places nitrogen blanket over filled containers2015 Acasi TruCap-X-Wfall, Model TCAP-8-W 8 spindle capper with cap elevator for lids from 8~130mm diameter. All stainless steel construction, front doors with safety interlocks, adjustable height to accommodate containers from 1"~14" tall 120V/ 1ph / 60Hz. Hand crank for height adjust included. SN#1922.2010 Enercon Super Seal 100 Induction Sealer with sealing capabilities up to 120mm, Model LM5022-221, SN C24631-01. 230V / 3ph / 60Hz2 x 2015 Phase Fire Heat Tunnels that mount onto Conveyor each with 10 infrared heating bars with independent zone heat settings, 7.5" wide x 14" tall openings, 40" long x 17.75" wide, 4 x blowers, temperature controls. (SN 3310A0-010 & 3310A0-012). 15' x 6" stainless steel chained conveyor, variable speed, complete with heat tunnel brackets. 220V / 3ph / 60Hz2015 Accutek Variable Speed Bottomless Conveyor, variable speed, stainless steel construction. 120V / 1ph / 60HzUniversal Pressure Sensitive Labeler with spin in place station to increase long label placement accuracy, 8' x 7.5" wide conveyor, 8" tall peel plate. Model MLABE0019, SN#334-021-I-10-1464. 120V / 1ph / 60HzAccumulation Table

Complete Used Dual Head Powder Filling Line as follows:

  • - 2012 AMS 48" Bottle Infeed Table, 120v/1ph
  • - Flexicon Dual Screw Feed system,
  • - 2012 AMS A-500164E Dual w/12' Conveyor and Bottle Indexing, 208v/3ph
  • - 2015 Loma Metal Detector with Reject Station 120v/1ph
  • - Acasi Tucap-8-Vert with Cap Elevator 120v/1ph
  • - Enercon SS100 Induction sealer 230v/1ph
  • - Accutek Variable Speed Bottomless Conveyor 120v/1ph
  • - Universal Pressure Sensitive Labeler with 10' conveyor for large containers
  • - Accumulation Table
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