• Inventory # E-3065
  • Manufacturer Alexanderwerk
  • Model SKM-NR
  • Year 2006
  • Electrical 3ph/208/230v/60hz
  • Category Powder Processing


Alexanderwerk SKM/NR Modular Processing System. Features a variable frequency drive with various processing modules, including: PMA-20 A Planetary Mixer to mix, kneed, or whip material. The bowl capacity is 20 Liters. Includes kneading tool and two mixing wisps / beaters. RFG-150N Rotary Fine Granulator is low energy granulator size reduction of dry and slightly moist materials without temperature build-up. Rotor gently plows material through a screen producing a consistent particle size distribution. Rotor Dimensions are 150 mm diameter and 260 mm in length. Five screens with varying types and mesh sizes with assembly.

GA-65 Moist Granulator forms distinct pellets from moist materials. The material is mechanically extruded through a perforated cylinder. Inside the perforated cylinder, the densified product is broken off by a knife blade. Throughput is 30-50 kg/hr. 15 Liter hopper. Includes three grating cylinders of varying sizes.

Extruder assembly with various extrusion screens.


Form Fill and Seal Systems from CapPlus Technologies