Seidenader Diameter Sorter

  • Inventory # E-3029
  • Manufacturer Seidenader
  • Model DS-5 (10 Slot)
  • Year 2006
  • Electrical 1ph/120v/60hz
  • Category Inspection & Sorting


2006 Seidenader DS-5 (5 lane) fully automatic thickness sorting system for plain and coated tablets, softgels, candies, etc. Currently set up for 0.450" diameter tablets (diameter & thickness) but can run other products as well by removing diameter plate. Will separate the good from too thin, too thick, twins, odd shapes, chips and small pieces. All FDA approved contact parts. No tools required for disassembly. Safety covers with interlocks. Digital thin and thick adjustment displays. Teflon covered exit chute. Up to 250,000 pieces per hour depending upon product. Variable speed controls for vibratory feed, roller speed, Estop. Manual variable angle control. Exit chute sensor to stop machine during product back up. Portable.


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