R&D 2" Softgel System

  • Inventory # E-2826 SOLD
  • Manufacturer CPT
  • Model 2011 R&D 2" Softgel System
  • Year 2011
  • Electrical
  • Category Softgel


One (1) Slightly Used 2011 R&D 2" Softgel System. Compact portable design that operates at 1.8rpm. Includes 4 plunger medicine injection pump with 9.6mm plungers for up to 600mg fills and +/- 2% fill accuracy, 6.3 liter product hopper, 2" x 6" die rolls, teflon coated brass injection wedge, two heated bronze spreader boxes with auto gel feel and level control, chilling drums with chilling system, auto lubrication of feed rollers, capsule discharge conveyor directly into portable dual tumble dryer baskets. Multiple sets of tooling sizes with machine: 22, 16 & 14 oblong, 7.5 oval
Machine Dimensions: 1,370L x 780W x 1,680H (mm)
Tumble Dryer Dimensions: 1,400L x 440W x 770H (mm)
Net Weight Combined: 550kg
Electrical: 3ph/208/230v/60hz

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