Patterson Kelly 60CF Twin Shell V-Blender

  • Inventory # E-2641
  • Manufacturer Patterson Kelly
  • Model 60 Cubic Foot
  • Year N/A
  • Electrical 3ph/208/230v/60hz
  • Category Blending


60 Cubic Foot Working Capacity Patterson Kelly Twin Shell V-Blender with 14" butterfly valve, 18" access openings, maximum density rating of 60 pounds per cubic foot, 304 stainless steel product contact parts. Blender is designed to accept liquid solids dispersion bar (not included), 7.5hp shell drive motor, 1750 rpm directly coupled to Foot Jones helical in-line, 17 to 1 gear reducer to bull and spur gear to produce 25 rpm. Drive equipped with Warner electric brake. 13" discharge height (leg extension can be added for additional costs). Approximate dimensions are 14' wide x 8' 5" high x 60" deep.

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