Harro Hofliger KWS 6-S Automatic Capsule Check Weighing System

  • Inventory # E-2583
  • Manufacturer Harro Hofliger
  • Model KWS 6-S
  • Year 1998
  • Electrical 3ph/480v/60hz
  • Category Packaging


One (1) Used Well Maintained 1998 Harro Hofliger KWS 6-S automatic capsule (liquid, granule, tablet or powder filled) check weighing system. 6 lane system rated at 60,000 per hour complete with #0, 1, 2 and 3 tooling. Designed for weighing 20 to 2,000mg products with accuracy of =/-2 mg. Includes KWS deluxe package version PrP for automatic clearing of any capsules stuck in magazine. CFR21-11 compliant - all FDA approved contact parts removable without tools. Machine is in good running condition. Provides feedback for independent load cell feedback for average good weights, total good, total count, count under weight, count over weight, minimum weight, maximum weight, graph with low, target and high weight ranges. Advanced monitoring functions: jammed capsule auto reject, jammed capsule overload / stop, auto tare, blocked sensors, no capsules, guards removed, etc. Mounted on platform.

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