Alexanderwerk RAN 70 Sieve

  • Inventory # E-2587
  • Manufacturer Alexanderwerk
  • Model RAN 70
  • Year 2004
  • Electrical 3ph/208/230v/60hz
  • Category Blending


One (1) Used Alexanderwerk RAN 70 sieve rated at up to 1000kg/hr. Variable cylinder arrangement to allow from 1.0mm to 12mm hole pattern. Mounted on portable cart SKM/NR - 052-32851. All stainless steel contact parts, variable speed controls. Mounted on casters for portability. The grater/shredder is designed to meet the requirements and standards in the pharmaceutical, chemical and primary industry and is made for grating, shredding, crushing, deaglomerating, granulating of solid dry or humid substances.

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