2002 Phoenix Engineering PF-8 Disc Counter

  • Inventory # E-2784
  • Manufacturer Phoenix Engineering
  • Model PF-8
  • Year 2002
  • Electrical 1ph/120v/60hz
  • Category Packaging


One (1) used 2002 phoenix engineering pf-8 disc counter. PF8 machine is capable of counting and feeding vitamin type round tablets, oblong tablets, 2 piece capsules and large fish oil type gelatin capsules. The product counter is designed to count and fill 8 different types of products with single or multiple counts of each type product. When dispensing the products into a single pouch the production rate is 45 to 50 bags, pouches per minute. With some products teh PF8 can fill 4 different products into two side by side pouches (2 pouches, bags per cycle) and then achieve a total through put of 80 bags per minute. Controls include: variable speed disk rotation & vibration, auto angle for head, power and control on/off switches.

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